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If you’ve been told that you have to go on the birth control pill to solve your menstrual or hormonal issues, this newsletter is a must read for you.
It breaks my heart to see so many women told that the only answer for “treating” their heavy periods, cramps, hair growth, PCOS, acne, or other hormonal issue is to shut downtheir hormonal system. 
“What?!” You might be thinking, “the pill shuts DOWN my hormonal system?”.  Well, yes.
When you take the pill, your body doesn’t ovulate (release an egg) each month and your ovaries and uterus don’t go through the other changes during a cycle that they normally do.  This is how the pill prevents pregnancy, and why you don’t get those annoying menstrual symptoms when you’re on it.  For some of you, the pill sounds like a blessing and I completely understand that.  
When your cramps have you curled up in pain on your bed, your PMS hijacks your life for at least a week every monthyour weight resists ALL of your attempts to change it, or your cystic acne holds you back from following your dreams, the pill can seem like a total miracle.   

BUT…the pill doesn’t really solve your problem.
Unfortunately, as part of deciding if it’s the best solution for you, you’re not often told that the issue(s) you took the pill to solve can show up again when you go off of it.  Yes, your acne, heavy periods, cramps and many of the symptoms you had can pop back up when you stop taking it.  This is because the pill didn’t actually solve the cause of your issue, instead it just covered it up. 
The awesome news is, YOU HAVE OPTIONS that actually heal your menstrual issues.  
25 Alternatives to Taking the Pill

If you have the following issues, here are some solutions that treat the REAL cause of your problem:

  • PMS – balance your thyroid, increase your progesterone, help your body get rid of extra estrogen or support your adrenals.
  • Heavy periods – address a potential vitamin A deficiency, increase progesterone, support detoxification, address food sensitivities, balance your thyroid and adrenals.
  • Acne – balance your blood sugars, help your body get rid of testosterone, support detoxification, bring in support for your high stress levels.
  • Painful periods & cramps – address what’s causing the inflammation in your uterus that creates cramps!  This includes some specific foods and vitamin deficiencies linked to it along with other lifestyle factors.
  • Irregular periods – support ovulation and your body’s natural ebb and flow of estrogen and progesterone.
  • Fibroids – reduce estrogen exposure, reduce inflammation, help your body get rid of extra estrogen and support detoxification.
  • PCOS – balance blood sugar, get testosterone levels in check, balance estrogen and progesterone.

Of course not ALL of these are going to be a fit for you.  You need to find out which of these possible solutions is a match for you.
And, for each of these solutions there are powerful things you can do with your diet and lifestyle to heal the cause, and specific herbs and nutrients to kick-start and support the process.   
This is where I can help you.
If you’re considering taking the birth control pill to solve your menstrual issues OR have taken the pill to solve your issue and are considering going off of it, I invite you to get in touch me to learn more about your options.
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