We’re now full on into the holiday season.  Although a big night out for me now winds down at 9:00pm, it’s been refreshing to have an excuse to get dressed up!  Since donning make up this weekend for the first time since Ben and Elise were born, I was inspired to share some top tips with you for choosing healthy cosmetics.


With some simple changes, you can glam up this holiday season in a way that won’t knock your hormones out of balance.


Did You Know That:

  • Your lipstick and eye shadow probably contain lead?  Or,
  • The preservatives in your cosmetics can cause hormone imbalances? Or,
  • Petroleum jelly and mineral oil can be contaminated with harmful chemicals?  Yuck!


4 Easy Ways to Clean up Your Cosmetics:


  • Ask, Ask and Ask!  Anytime you’re buying lipstick, eye shadow or other cosmetics ask the sales people if they contain lead or other environmental toxins.   If it’s a savvy and smart company on top of their stuff, the sales people will know the answer.   I found the staff at Sephora really well versed and helpful on this front.  They also carry a lot of clean, chemical free lines. 


  • Avoid products with any ingredients ending in “paraben”.  This is a really great preservative but unfortunately is well known to disrupt hormone balance. 


  • Find alternatives to petroleum jelly and mineral oil.   They’re cheap by-products of the oil production process and can often be contaminated with chemicals.  Waxalene is a hot new product that is a natural (and awesome!) alternative to petroleum jelly with just as many, if not more, uses.   And, if you see “mineral oil” in your moisturizer, start looking for another brand.  Mineral oil moisturizes your skin by creating a barrier that doesn’t let your skin lose water.  Unfortunately it also doesn’t let your skin breath and detox very well either. 


  • Choose products that list what they DON’T have in them.  This might sound confusing, but unlike food there is no law for listing ALL ingredients in cosmetics.  Companies that list what they don’t contain help take out the guesswork and make choosing a clean product really easy. 


Want to know what’s in YOUR cosmetics?  You can check this out at the Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep” database here. Just type in the brand and product and you’ll get a green flag if it’s clean, or a detailed list of the questionable ingredients. 


Fun news!  I’ll be practicing again starting this January!  I’m really pumped about stepping back into work I’m so passionate about and am currently accepting new clients for the Vitality Health Programs in 2014.


If you have a hormone issue you’re struggling with like acne, infertility, PCOS, PMS and others or are thinking about taking your health up to a completely different level and want a big cheerleader and guide along your side, I encourage you to reach out to me.


Booking a complimentary Health Insight call is an easy, commitment-free way for you to learn more about what you want for yourself, key first steps to getting there, and get a feel for how I can support you along your journey.


In the meantime I wish you a WARM and WONDERFUL holiday season!!


All the best,