Iben Jorgensen | Clinical Psychologist

Iben is a clinical psychologist of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Copenhagen University (KU). Her graduate thesis is An Examination of the Theoretical Basis for the Underlying Processes of Mindfulness in the Treatment of Depression and Chronic Pain.


The focus of Iben’s education and work has always been to investigate and approach an understanding of the key factors for human well-being. For the same reason Iben is interested in evidence based research, and she has a particular interest in Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT) and Mindfulness since consciousness and compassion play a key role in facilitating psychological well-being.


Since 2011 Iben has engaged in various types of volunteer work including counselling services for patients suffering from dystonia through Dystonia Patient Association, giving work-shops about stress reduction and starting up mindfulness events in Kristkirken.


Iben works full time in her private practice Det Sund Sind located in Østerbro, where she treats clients suffering from stress, depression, anxiety and chronic pain. Iben has a very practical approach to psychotherapy and therapeutic work in general, which attracts clients looking for strategies to apply in everyday life.