If you love the spring, but dread your seasonal allergies I completely understand.  With congestion, a runny nose, and the side effects of allergy medications it’s easy to feel a little tentative going into this exciting season.  Although it might still feel like we’re in the chill of winter some days, believe it or not right now is the PERFECT time to take action to relieve seasonal allergies.  
What Are Allergies & Why Do We Have Them
Seasonal allergies are also known as hay fever.  The most common springtime allergens are pollens, especially birch, cedar, cottonwood and pine.  If you have seasonal allergies, your immune system is sensitive to these particles of pollen and reacts as soon as it comes in contact with them.  The trick to reducing allergy symptoms is to improve your health and calm your immune system down so that it’s less reactive.
The One Thing To Do NOW To Decrease Seasonal Allergy Symptoms 
Do a gentle cleanse in late winter/early spring.  If your body’s “bucket” is full before pollen hits the air, it’s ability to handle the environmental stressors is much lower.   A cleanse will give your body a chance to push the “reset” button, your liver a chance to clear out toxins, and overall help your immune system go into the spring with more resilience.   I recommend moving onto an anti-inflammatory diet, in which you bring in whole foods like brown rice, clean protein like organic chicken, fish and legumes, along with fruits and veggies together with gentle liver support.  Your body will love you for doing this!

Note!  If you’re constipated the LAST thing you want to do is a cleanse.  It’s one of the biggest contraindications to doing one because if your body isn’t moving things out, the only way they can go is back in (reabsorbed).  This can make you feel really awful on a cleanse.  You really want to make sure your body’s garbage is taken out daily before dropping MORE off.  This is why most packaged cleanses are full of laxatives to make sure you go to the bathroom.  This can be harsh, especially if you don’t need them.  And if you do need them, taking laxatives for a few days doesn’t really solve the root of the problem.  If you tend towards constipation, finding a permanent solution for this is an amazing first step to detoxing in itself.

Other Tips To Keep Your Allergies In Check: 

  • Clean your nasal passages daily – rinsing allergens and debris everyday from your sinuses helps re-set your immune system.  To do this you’ll need a Neti pot which is available in most drugstores.  You can pick from a kettle-type where you “pour” the water or a spray, depending on what you like.  It might feel weird at first but you probably get comfortable with it quickly and will be really happy with the results.  Another amazing product for cleaning allergens from your sinuses is a product called “Xlear”.  Consistent, daily action with either of these options will prevent allergens from building up in your sinuses and creating symptoms.


  • Get a HEPA filter (or three!) for your home – A high quality air filter like the HEPA filter creates a stress-free place for your body to rest and recover.  The most important room is your bedroom.  Adding one to the other rooms you spend the most time in is also very helpful. 

These are the first steps to help you move through allergy season with ease.  You’ll also want to consider specific herbs and nutritional supplements to calm your immune system and reduce symptoms.  There are so many more options for going deeper to prepare for the season and support you through it.  

Take Action Now
Start practicing with a Neti pot and get in touch with me to find out which cleanse is the best fit for you.  We’ll also explore the specific detoxification support your body needs and I’ll walk you through it each step of the way.
Here’s to incredible (and allergy-free) spring.

All the best,

Dr. Viv