The season is changing which means it’s a great time to change things up in your life in a really good way.  Spring and summer energy is light and fun and to take full advantage of it you need to feel GREAT!  


Today I’d like to share a recent story from my own healing journey.  My hope is that you have a good read and that you’re inspired to make more time for yourself this spring because you have tools to make it happen easily.
When you don’t have time put aside for you to reach your goals, it can feel like you’re completely spinning your wheels.  You can also slip into thinking you’re a failure and worried that you just don’t have it in you to make your dreams happen. 
But when you carve out little bits of time for your goals and have support alongside to help you stay on track, it can create results WAY beyond what you ever thought was possible. 


I help my clients with this everyday, and am also constantly learning and practicing it myself.   This story is from the most recent chapter in my healing journey and speaks so much to the power of making time and receiving support. 
In the fall of 2013 I gave birth to my twins Ben and Elise.  After they arrived all of my higher-level self-care went out the window.  I caught sleep when I could, stayed well fed and had a shower everyday (one of my BIG goals), but so many of the things I really loved, like physical activity went out the window in the twin juggle.  
I also had a huge abdominal diastasis from my pregnancy that needed healing.  This condition was caused by my ab muscles getting stretched apart by the growing bump.  It’s a normal part of how bodies adapt to pregnancy and normally the muscles come back together naturally over time.  For me though, the equivalent of carrying two 6 lbs babies pushed my little frame beyond what it could handle and the diastasis gap was severe.


Here is a picture of me on the way to the hospital to give birth.  That’s one BIG belly 🙂

Because of this I had no core strength and couldn’t even do little things like sit up from lying down or the condition would get worse.  I also couldn’t do any dynamic activity like running, yoga or anything that needed my pelvis or core to be stable.
A couple of months after Ben and Elise were born I received support from physiotherapist and my wonderful pilates instructor Fran Darnell.  They both recommended daily exercises that I could do to help heal it, but I was so overwhelmed taking care of my babies that I felt like I couldn’t find 5 minutes to do this work for myself.  I wanted to SO MUCH and really needed to if I wanted to get back to yoga, running and out of my maternity shirts but it felt like time disappeared on me everyday.  And it did.
Months went by without any traction on doing my exercises regularly and I started to feel like a complete failure.  I worried that I would have lifelong issues if I didn’t get my act together and that I’d have to wear maternity clothes forever!  


Image Credit, Anna

It wasn’t until I sat down with Frances, and along with her help took a look at my and the kids daily routine and picked out a time that felt right for me to do my exercises.  Putting the time aside when it was most likely to happen opened up the door for it to ACTUALLY happen. 
The next step to success, was to be accountable to someone.  By being accountable to Fran and checking in with her every week, I was able to eventually start taking this precious time out for myself on a regular basis. 
I now do 10 minutes of exercises every morning with my kids playing beside me, and have also started to carve additional time out of my calendar for walks.  These will eventually one day be running or yoga again when my body is ready.  Hooray!  Every time I get outside and feel the fresh air and breeze in my face on those walks I’m grateful for taking the time for me.
My body still has a long way to go before I’m fully recovered but deep down it feels so good that I’m taking little steps towards my goals every day.
My hope is that you also find a way to take time aside for yourself, even if it feels like life is just too crazy. 
Tools To Take Action Now
1.  Pick it – what’s ONE thing you know completely fills you up that you’ve let fall by the wayside?   It could be journaling, coffee with a friend, meditation, yoga, reading a juicy novel, really anything that re-fuels you.
2. Schedule it – if you don’t like schedules this might not sound fun but honestly, if you don’t physically make time for the things you love something else (anything else) is going to fill up that spot.  If you don’t have a daily or weekly calendar, jot down your usually routine and pick a spot for the activity you chose.
3. Get a buddy – share your activity and plan with a friend.  You can even ask them to help you stick with what you want to do.  Even better – do they want to join you?  
Having someone help you reach your goals is so powerful.  I’ve experienced it in this, and ALL chapters of my own healing journey.  It can also be incredibly valuable to have someone help you discover what your body needs and break goals down into doable steps for you. 
This is exactly why I created the Vitality Health Programs and why they work!  I love helping my clients take gentle actions that make BIG impacts on their health and in their lives everyday.
If you’d like to explore what it’s like to receive support like this, and also get a valuable insight on a plan for your body I invite you to reach out to me for a Health Insight call today at
The call is a great experience in itself and the best part is there are no expectations from it other than me getting to know you, and helping you connect in with your options.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Xx Vivian