Taking charge of your health can be overwhelming at times.


Between the quick visits to your doctor, the zillions of natural options hitting the media, and not really understanding your body, it’s hard to feel like you’ve found your groove in this area. I’m here to help you find this and partner with you to balance your hormones, heal your body and feel your absolute best.  I created the Vitality Health Programs to help you create optimal health, and have the energy to dive fully into the things you’re most passionate about.

You’re a great fit for working with me if you want to address:

  • Painful or Heavy Periods
  • Irregular Periods
  • Perimenopausal Symptoms
  • Thyroid Issues
    • PMS
    • Digestive issues
    • Insomnia
    • Acne
    • Infertility
    • Healthy Pregnancy
    • Constipation
    • Endometriosis
    • Vaginitis & Yeast Infections
    • Joint pain

    I bring my extensive training as a traditional clinical practitioner to guide and support you to resolve health issues and create a balanced and optimal  state of health.

    With over 14 years of experience working with clients and 4 years of comprehensive graduate training in traditional science and natural therapies, including herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, nutrient therapy, and functional lab assessment I’m committed to not just “tell” you what to do, but to help you make the changes you really want for yourself and your health.

    Working together consistently allows us to go so much deeper with understanding your body’s unique physiology and needs to bring in the exact support you need. It also sets you up for continued success and lifelong wellness by making dietary and lifestyle changes overtime in a doable way that sticks.

    What It’s Like To Work With Me

    plunger-317748_640When you work with me you feel completely heard and safe to be open about what’s really going on for you. You know your body better than anyone else can, and together we combine that wisdom with my therapeutic knowledge and experience to create recommendations that match your physiological needs.

    Together, we clarify exactly what is standing in the way of your health, and build a plan to effectively move past these barriers. You learn to understand your body, master skills for taking incredible care of yourself, and create habits that you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life.

    Food as medicine is at the foundation of our work together; we may also bring in targeted nutrients and herbs to shift your body back to balance. When we work together you receive doable, straightforward solutions and are supported in each and every step as you bring them into your daily life. Overall, you uncover your naturally vibrant and balanced state of health.


    The Vitality Health Programs

    I have created 3 unique programs to fit your needs:

    1. The Longevity Program

    This program is for women who are ready to make deep and significant long-term shifts in their health. You’re ready to fully commit to yourself, your wellbeing, and to having the energy and clarity to live your life purpose. Together, we’ll start from the ground up, restore your health and build habits for lifelong wellness.

    2. The Resilience Program

    This program is for women wanting to take things to the next level and have lots of extra support along the way. I’ll hold your hand for each step as we move beyond your initial health concerns and build core nutritional and lifestyle habits to create big shifts in your overall wellbeing.

    3. The Jumpstart Program

    This 3-month program is for women who want to jump in, address your top concerns and begin building a foundation for life-long health. You are ready for action and energized to make the changes you need to begin the journey to balance and wellbeing.


    What Do the Vitality Programs Include?

    In each program, you receive:

    A 90-minute Initial Kick-off Call

      • During this powerful session, we cover your top concerns in detail and dive into your complete health history, family history, typical food intake, and lifestyle habits.
      • We explore your biggest health goals and uncover potential barriers that may be in your way.
      • We create a plan for you that day to make a solid start towards your goals. This plan may include nutritional, supplement, botanical and/or lifestyle recommendations.

    Research on Your Case

      • This is where you truly gain the benefits of my analytical skills and ability to create individualized solutions. After your kick off call, I take time to get into the details of your health history, and your vision. I combine this with my thorough understanding of physiology, nutrition, and hormones to build out a plan for you.

    Health Consultations

      • During these 45-minute sessions, we focus on your needs, check in on goals and progress, acknowledge successes, and address any barriers or challenges that have come up for you.
      • We track your body’s progress and wellness markers including sleep, energy, mood, appetite, menstrual cycle, and stress.
      • Therapeutic recommendations are adjusted to match your body’s physiological needs at every session for momentum and optimal health. 

      Some programs also include:

      • Email communication between sessions to fully support you along your journey.
      • Blueprint plan – this detailed map provides the framework for goal setting and our work together.
      • NutriQ Online Nutritional Assessment – this valuable tool helps us assess your vitamin and mineral needs and the function of your body’s major systems (digestive, hormonal, cardiovascular and immune system) and organs (liver and gallbladder, large intestine, small intestine, kidney and bladder).
      • Mid-program assessment and check-in
        • During this session we celebrate successes, re-assess and update your goals, and re-run the NutriQ Nutritional Assessment to track your body’s progress.

      The Nuts and Bolts of the Vitality Health Programs

      I3060935008_994195f247_o (2)n the Vitality Health Programs, our work together includes:

      Targeted Therapeutic Support

      With all the information out there on natural therapies and the hottest new miracle supplements, it can be overwhelming to know which ones are the right fit for you. The trick to moving towards true healing is finding the unique root cause of your health concern and addressing it directly.  This takes an understanding of HOW all of your body’s systems are interacting, and which one really needs support first to create big change.


      First, we decide what your top goals are and your body’s most important needs. From there, we create unique, targeted recommendations that carefully nudge your body in the direction it needs (and wants!) to go.

      To find the right match for your body, we’ll draw on a diverse range of therapies including functional nutrition, botanicals, nutrient therapy, and lifestyle counselling.  Together we navigate this territory to help you reach your most important goals.

      Nutritional Consulting

      Rx Salt Glazed Mortar Pestle PK104-1ANutrition is another area where it can be hard to know where to start or what the best choices are for you. Constantly feeling guilty or ashamed of the food choices you’re making, or just not knowing what the best choices are for you can be confusing and frustrating.

      The foundation of my entire practice lies in the concept of food as medicine, and I’m passionate about helping you create a life where you feel great about what you’re eating. To help tailor your recommendations, one of the first things you may do after your initial appointment is fill out a diet diary. This gives us a great, 100% judgment-free, baseline for where you’re at today. Your nutritional needs may also assessed through the detailed NutriQ Questionnaire.

      From there, we’ll balance your intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats and help you make choices that support you. We’ll also cover healthy portion sides, whole foods options for meals and foundational principles you’ll use for the rest of your life.

      Hormone Assessment and Support

      meditation-264508_640Do you ever feel like you’re on a roller coaster when it comes to your energy, moods or sleep? At times you might feel like your hormones are running your body or your life, but there is a way to gently bring them back in check and feel amazing again.

      If you have PMS, acne, menopause, fatigue, irregular, painful periods, or are interested in doing everything you can for a healthy pregnancy, you’ll want to balance your hormones.   With a focus on women’s health I have a special interest in hormonal health.

      Using a detailed hormone sign & symptom screen, and your detailed health history we identify which specific hormones need support.  We may also use functional hormone lab tests to build in targeted support.  From there I make recommendations including specific foods, botanicals, nutrients, and/or lifestyle changes to begin getting them on track.

      Restoring Your Digestion

      peas-2686_640Speaking of hormones…what you may not know is that the first step to balancing them is getting your digestion in check.  This system is the gateway to your body and decides what is allowed into your body and what is going out as waste. It’s also in charge of breaking down and absorbing all the nutrients you take in through your diet AND is the home of over half of your immune and nervous systems!  This is why we often start with restoring your digestion as the foundation to setting up the rest of your body for balance.

      If you have Crohn’s disease, SIBO, colitis, IBS or are coping with constipation, loose stools, abdominal cramping, bloating or heartburn, your body is telling you that your digestive system needs support.  To get your digestion running smoothly, we may look into your gut microbiome, digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid levels and bring in support exactly where you need it.  We may also look into food sensitivities and allergies and find what foods work, and don’t work for your body.

      Detoxification and Elimination Support

      SONY DSCIf your body isn’t getting rid of what it doesn’t want or need you’ll feel tired, bloated, moody, have skin problems like acne, and all the symptoms of hormone imbalances.  In other words, you can feel terrible. Getting rid of what your body doesn’t want is a key ingredient to restoring your overall balance.

      To see how your body is doing in this area, we check in on its 3 primary “doorways” of elimination: digestion, liver and kidneys, as well as lungs, skin and lymphatics.  We’ll also look at how toxins are coming INTO your body through food and the environment.

      We’ll build a foundation for reducing your exposure to environmental toxins and help your body get rid of chemicals and toxins that can impact your hormones, sleep and nervous system.  

      Functional Lab Testing

      Being healthy isn’t black and white and knowing where you are on the spectrum between health and disease allows us to tailor support to your specific needs. 



      I work with private laboratories that offer functional lab testing.  Functional lab tests can include saliva and stool tests along with skin prick blood tests that you can all do at home. They’re able to help assess your heavy metal toxicity load, your digestive function, uncover food sensitivities, and determine hormone levels including estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA and others.


      I am also able to help you understand the lab results you receive from your conventional doctor from a “functional” perspective. What this means is that rather than looking at your lab results to assess and diagnose disease (which is why you have a medical doctor) I look at your labs to see what they say about the function of your body.  We move through your lab results together to see if they’re optimal, and make a plan for addressing any gaps we uncover. For example, you may not get a diagnosis of hypothyroid from a conventional interpretation of your lab results, but they tell us that your thyroid is showing early signs of having trouble.  And, unless support is brought in at that point, it may progress into hypothyroid. It’s all about catching issues and imbalances early on.


      Lifestyle Counselling

      It’s hard to feel your absolute best without the basic foundations of a balanced lifestyle. This is why we incorporate the big picture every step of the way. This means improving sleep quality, incorporating daily movement or exercise that you love, ensuring you are well hydrated and also identifying and addressing sources of stress. We’ll also take gradual steps to organize your life in a way that truly supports you and feels great. Building this foundation of helpful habits sets you up for lifelong vitality and wellness.

      Learn How The Vitality Health Programs Can Help You

      Deciding who to work with along your healing journey is one of the most personal and important decisions you can make for yourself and your health.

      I invite you to book a complimentary 30-45 minute Health Insight call with me.

      The call is a positive educational experience in itself that I’m confident you’ll get so much out of. We’ll discuss your health concerns, identify your top goals and uncover potential barriers.   We’ll also look at potential first steps and strategies to move you forward, and explore how I may be able to help you along the way. 

      Contact me to book your complimentary Health Insight call.

      I look forward to meeting you!

      All my best,